Step 3 : Review Your Investments | ithoughtwealth 12 Step Program

It was March and Aashna began feeling the financial pressure. She was running out of time. Her bank and insurance agents were convincing her to make a tax saving investment. Aashna was so impressed by the proposal that she jumped on board immediately.

Over the next few months, she was introduced to more options. She was thrilled to have her savings plan in place. After a year, Aashna realised she was losing money. She comforted herself knowing that these were long-term investments. But the funds performed far worse month after month.

Aashna knew it was high time she got an outside opinion. So, she had her portfolio reviewed by a professional. The review helped her correct her portfolio and also helped her understand her investments better.

Aashna went through the painful process of restructuring her investments. She knew that she would have to bear a few losses but she was willing to be patient because she was confident in the choices she made.

A few years down the line Aashna smiled when she received her pension. She was glad that she made the time to review her investments and correct them. Her portfolio was doing well, she had the right insurance plans and never made financial decisions in a rush.

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